How long did it take all NewJeans members to become luxury brand ambassadors? 

All members of NewJeans have been announced as ambassadors of luxury designer houses, within less than a year of debut. 

Despite debuting less than 1 year ago, girl group NewJeans have proven their massive popularity and influence, not only in music, but also in the fashion realm. In particular, as of April 16th (Korean time), all members of NewJeans have been confirmed as ambassadors of luxury brands. 

First, Hanni was announced as the ambassador for Gucci in October 2022, around 2 months after her debut. Following her is fellow member Hyein, who was confirmed as an ambassador for Louis Vuitton in December 2022, 4 months after debut. 

In January 2023, Danielle, a rookie of 5 months, became the ambassador for Burberry. Meanwhile, Minji was announced as the ambassador for Chanel a month later, in February 2023. 

Finally, in April of the same year, Korean media outlets and NewJeans’ official SNS account collectively announced that the final member of NewJeans, Haerin, has become an ambassador for Dior. 

With this, all members of NewJeans became luxury brand ambassadors within less than 1 year of debut, with the fastest being Hanni (2 months) and the longest being Haerin (8 months). 


On the other hand, NewJeans, who has gained massive popularity through hits such as “Attention”, “Hype Boy”, “Ditto”, and “OMG”, recently released the song “Zero” for an advertisement campaign of Coca-Cola Zero. 

Source: VKR News 

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