“Guarantee ITZY Yuna’s individual activities” Truck protests became a trend

Truck protests became a trend. As more and more fandoms use them.

However, too many cooks spoil the broth. Some point out that truck protests involving overseas fans beyond Korea are excessive.

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According to the entertainment industry on July 26th, a truck protest was held regarding Yuna of ITZY, a group belonging to JYP Entertainment. The protest was held in front of JYP Entertainment’s headquarters in Gangdong-gu, Seoul. On the screen, there was a phrase that said, “Yuna did a good job with ‘U-Go-Girl’, but Division 2 didn’t do anything. If you can’t do marketing well, do you want us to teach you?


It is notable that this truck protest is from Yuna’s individual Chinese fandom. Earlier, truck protests were centered on domestic fandoms. In July alone, there were several truck protests. First, IVE Jang Wonyoung’s fandom held a truck protest against the agency Starship Entertainment.

On July 12th, through a statement, Girls’ Generation Taeyeon’s fandom urged the company to “rent overseas concert venues suitable for the artist’s popularity, increase the number of content productions and provide updates on the progress of legal actions against haters“. In addition, truck protests were held in front of SM Entertainment’s headquarters in Seongdong-gu until early this month.


Truck protests by domestic fandoms have spread to overseas fandoms. In fact, an entertainment industry insider said, “Recently, overseas fans have begun sending trucks to the headquarters. They’re speaking out for artists as fans, but we can’t look at it positively.”

Truck protests have many side effects. Some fans’ voices are overrepresented and a negative atmosphere is created between fans and entertainment companies. They also cause confusion in entertainment companies’ business directions.

In particular, in the case of agencies that have to manage artists’ overall entertainment activities, there is great antipathy to truck protests. Another entertainment industry insider said, “The deepening truck protest culture in the entertainment industry is proof that the industry has grown. However, entertainment companies are groups that move for the rights and interests of artists more than anyone else. I understand fans’ disappointment, but it’s difficult to blindly accept (all of their opinions).


ITZY Yuna’s case this time is such a case. ITZY, to which Yuna belongs, made a comeback with their new mini-album “KILL MY DOUBT” today (July 26th). It is pointed out that excessive demands by members’ individual fandoms adversely affect team activities.

K-pop artists and entertainment companies are a cooperative community. Protests based on individual subjective judgment and greed will not be good for entertainment companies as well as celebrities whose names are discussed. It is time for a more appropriate method.

Source: Daum

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