Even Core Fans Criticize (G)I-DLE Jeon So-yeon’s Lack of Communication

Amid complaints about (G)I-DLE not communicating with fans, some specifically criticized leader Jeon So-yeon 

Complaints of (G)I-DLE fans about the members’ lack of communication are increasing. In particular, fans pointed out that they pay to subscribe to (G)I-DLE’s communication service but the frequency of the members’ communication and interaction with fans is excessively low. Moreover, no member used the paid communication platform to leave a message or greeting to fans even on their recent 6th debut anniversary.

In the meantime, a netizen known as a fan of Jeon So-yeon drew attention with their message to the female idol on SNS. The fan said, “Before being a producer, you’re an idol. So communicate more”. 

(g)i-dle so yeon

Checking the number of times Jeon So-yeon interacted with fans in the group’s paid communication service since they started using it in April last year, the fan found out that (G)I-DLE’s leader posted only once this year.

The fan continued, “Since you said you felt bored and had nothing to do so you took photos of your feet and posted them on the sub-account, it would be better if you spend time coming to the communication platform once. Fans of other members and other groups had to turn off the notification because their idols posted a lot, I only get the update notice every time I turn the app on”.

Emphasizing that fans already reminded Jeon So-yeon of the issue several times, the fan said, “Since nothing changed even until the debut anniversary, which might be the last one for us, I couldn’t hold it in anymore”.

The post spread widely in online communities, arousing enthusiastic responses from netizens. Many sympathized with the fan, saying “Even though I’m a core fan of Jeon So-yeon, I feel bad for you”, “She shouldn’t ignore fans”, “I don’t understand why she keeps making fans beg for it”, “I would also be very upset if I’m treated like that after spending a lot of money”, “When fans complain about something, they’re being serious”, etc.

Soyeon (G)I-DLE

However, there are also some other opinions, such as “That’s how she shows her affection. Just get out of the fandom”, “Stop subscribing to her and get other idols’ services”, “They don’t even show any willingness to renew the contract, I guess the answer is to stop now”, etc.

Meanwhile, (G)I-DLE made their comeback with “Super Lady”, the title track of their second full album, but had to stop the promotion due to the members’ health issues. However, the group resumed promotion with “Fate” as the song suddenly became a hit.

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