Characters with short hair that left great impressions on viewers like “The Glory” Mr. Chu

Viewers list out several scene-stealer characters with bob hair.

Mr. Chu (“The Glory”)

While “The Glory” is still a hot topic, the viewers continue to discuss the characters that impressed them the most. Some point out “Mr. Joking” Mr. Chu, Moon Dong Eun (Song Hye Kyo)’s fellow teacher at Semyeong Elementary School with bob hair, as an unforgettable character because of his annoying appearance. 

Heo Dong-won

Appearing in the second half of Part 1, he made a rude remark towards Moon Dong Eun and called it a “joke” but was counterattacked by Dong Eun.

Heo Dong Won is a familiar face to the public as he has appeared in various works, starting from theater plays, since the mid-2000s. He even became a “10 million” actor by playing the role of a violent detective Oh Dong Gyoon in “The Outlaws”

In addition, the actor also played “Pink Man No.28” in the popular Netflix series “Squid Game”.

The Preacher (“Lady Vengeance”)

Kim Byeong-ok

In “Lady Vengeance”, The Preacher played by Kim Byung Ok is a character that was beaten by Geum Ja (Lee Young Ae) with the famous line, “Be good to your self”.

He imprinted his presence with his bob hairstyle and made viewers more frustrated than Heo Dong Won. Although Kim Byung Ok mainly plays villain roles because of image, the actor is actually very gentle in real life.

Geo Seok (“Start-Up”)

Ma Dong-seok

Ma Dong Seok once made headlines with his transformation with cute bob hair in the movie “Start-Up”. The actor took on the role of Chinese restaurant chef Geo Seok and impressed everyone with his lovely charms and comic acting.

Byeong Guk (“City of the Rising Sun”)

Lee Beom-soo

Actor Lee Bum Soo used to play mostly minor roles. In 1999, he appeared in “City of the Rising Sun” and transformed into Byeong Guk with short hair. Since then Lee Bum Soo began to gain attention and became a famous supporting actor. After proving his solid acting skills in various acting projects, he is now one of the ‘trustworthy’ leading actors.

Jang Ryong (“The Fiery Priest”)

Eum Moon-suk

Eum Moon Seok portrayed Jang Ryong, a short-haired gangster in “The Fiery Priest”. Thanks to his impressive comic acting, the actor made his character become a scene stealer. Many audiences pointed out that Jang Ryong’s visual reminded them of Byeong Guk in “City of the Rising Sun” played by Kim Bum Soo but his voice tone was similar to “The City of Violence” Jang Pil Ho.

Anton Chigurh (“No Country for Old Men”)

Javier Bardem

Javier Bardem appeared in “No Country for Old Men” as psychopath killer Anton Chigurh. Javier Bardem’s character with short hair was so brutal that made viewers angry. However, in reality, the actor is actually scared of guns.

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