Goo Hye Sun loses lawsuit against former agency, Ahn Jae Hyun scores high rating with new drama 

Goo Hye Sun’s conflict with her ex-husband’s company continues for the third year.

On Jun 18, Goo Hye Sun lost her case against HB Entertainment. Her claim for damages against HB Entertainment was dismissed by the Seoul Central District Court’s Civil Agreement Division.

Conflict arose around the YouTube channel built by Goo Hye Sun and HB Entertainment. On February 2020, the actress filed a lawsuit demanding her management company to pay her appearance fees and share the income from her content on YouTube.

 Goo Hye Sun

On April 2020, the Korea Commercial Arbitration Board ruled in favor of HB Entertainment, and Goo Hye Sun ought to pay KRW35 million in damages to the company because HB Entertainment was the one invested in the channel.

Recently, following the court’s dismissal of her claims, Goo Hye Sun exposed her ex’s company for bullying and failing to pay her the appropriate amount for the last 10 years. She said, “Because I trusted my ex-spouse, I willingly appeared (more than 12 times) on HB Entertainment’s YouTube channel without compensation and provided services… Despite the videos accumulating over 10 million views in total.” The actress affirmed she would continue with the appeal.

Lawsuit aside, Goo Hye Sun is creating a buzz on social media after showing a stunning visual and slender physique.

Actress Goo revealed she had dropped from 60 to 40 kg. Her weight change gives the actress a V-line face with a slimmer body.

 Goo Hye Sun

The actress also shared she has been working hard to achieve her goal. She followed a strict diet and self-management with the help of her personal trainer. In addition, she revealed that she put on a lot of weight due to a stressful time working and that she relax by eating; there was a time she was addicted to sweet treats and starchy foods.

Nonetheless, she shared that she realized the importance of health in her 40s, and that, with the right diet and strict management, she was fully confident in herself.

 Goo Hye Sun

 Concerning Goo Hye Sun’s ex-husband, Ahn Jae Hyun is doing well in his career. The actor appears in “The Real Has Come!” starring alongside Baek Jin Hee. The drama tells the struggles of Gong Tae Kyung (Ahn Jae Hyun), a highly-skilled OB/GYN, and Oh Yeon Doo (Baek Jin Hee), a Korean language instructor and a star in the online lecture world. Gong Tae Kyung is forced to marry his secretary and childhood friend Jang Se Jin (Cha Joo Young), while Yeon Do’s life is turned upside down when she realizes she is pregnant with her ex’s child.

The drama garnered 17.7% and 20.8% for the first two episodes, an optimistic comeback for Jae Hyun himself. However, with a current length of 50 episodes, the actor may have to work harder to keep his charisma from the start of the show.

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