Noze signals her comeback 2 months after advertisement power abuse controversy?… She pressed ‘like’ on an SNS post

Dancer Noze, who suspended her activities due to the controversy over abuse of power in advertisements, is reportedly making efforts to return. 

It has been about two months since Noze stopped working. In July, Noze was embroiled in a controversy over power abuse in advertisements, and the dancer has not carried out any significant activities ever since she released her apology. 

During her hiatus, Noze was recently caught pressing ‘Like’ on the post in which Honey J announced her marriage and pregnancy. More attention is being paid to Noze, who did not leave any traces of activities and SNS updates after causing the advertisement power abuse controversy.

Honey J and Noze used to compete together on Mnet’s “Street Woman Fighter”. Noze contributed greatly to the popularity of the program as she became famous for creating “Hey Mama” choreography that went viral throughout the whole nation. Honey J was the leader of Holy Bang crew, the winner of “Street Woman Fighter”. After “Street Woman Fighter” ended, the two dancers appeared together on several entertainment shows, such as “Knowing Bros”, and boasted their strong friendship.

Although Noze knows her disadvantageous situation after the advertisement power abuse controversy so well, she seemed to have directly pressed ‘Like’ to congratulate Honey J on her happy news. Other “Street Woman Fighter” dancers, such as Aiki, Choi Hyo-jin, and Gabee, ‘liked’ Honey J’s marriage announcement and Noze also did the same to share the joy. 

Meanwhile, Noze was embroiled in controversies after it was revealed that the dancer did not follow the uploading time of advertisement posts on SNS at the requests of advertising companies even after signing contracts with them. Accordingly, Noze did not respond to requests from small and medium-sized companies and posted only about luxury brands for months. 

When the controversy broke out, Noze explained that the content was not true, but later, she suddenly admitted to violating the contract period and deleted her post. As the controversy continued even after she announced her position, Noze repeated her apology in a handwritten letter. 

Noze said, “I have no excuse and I’m sorry for causing damage and disappointment to the people involved. I know that no words can undo my wrongdoings in the past, so I will do my best to reflect deeply and show you a better appearance instead of asking for immediate forgiveness”.

Source: nate

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