Goo Hara with bruises “Can’t give up on luxury items?!”

It was Goo Hara, a singer and actor who went to the police for ‘assaulting her boyfriend’.
But then.. Look at the left side her face and both sides of her neck …
And her right arm.
Here too?
The left arm …
Everyone can clearly see this.
They are all bruises. This was the moment when the curiosity about the truth arose. “What is the truth?”
However, Look at her “extremely modest” attire …
Look at her “extremely modest” attire …

She did not give up ‘two things’, firstly

Although she didn’t have much make-up…
She still had her beautiful appearance. She was beautiful from head to toe.
It was Goo Hara’s shoes …
They were the so-called ‘luxury sneakers’ ..
The sneakers were quite expensive. The price of those is known to be at least 1 million won, or even priceless.
On the other hand,
“Who hit first?” asked the reporter, and they got replied “The problem does not lie in who hit first, this is something to be revealed later in the police investigation. I will be honest to the police investigation.”
In the afternoon of the 18th, at Gangnam Police Station in Seoul, the police said she had returned home without saying a word after having been investigated for about five and a half hours. What is the truth of this case?

Sources: Nate

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