Gong Hyo Jin doesn’t know about fashion trends yet is praised for her style?

Among many Korean actresses, Gong Hyo Jin has always been praised for her fashion sense. However, although she is highly regarded by the audience in terms of fashion, Gong Hyo Jin doesn’t believe she dresses as beautifully as others perceive.

Specifically, the actress recently surprised everyone with her humbleness with an appearance on the YouTube channel “Fairy Jae Hyung”


In particular, in the video she appears, Gong Hyo Jin said, “I look so untidy. I don’t know fashion trends these days, and my taste (in fashion) has gone bad.”

In the same episode, Gong Hyo Jin also revealed that her friends called her SNS boring and lightly jabbed at the style. At the same time, the actress admitted to being awkward at posing. 


However, despite her claims, Gong Hyo Jin actually has a very distinctive style in real life. Instead of following trends, the actress is said to have created her own style that is unaffected by the public’s opinion. 

In fact, Gong Hyo Jin is praised for having a fashion sense that makes her look younger than her actual age. At the age of 43 years old, the actress often wears fresh and graceful outfits with a gentle and feminine “vintage” style. The items she wears may be simple, but they have eye-catching patterns and silhouettes that enhance the aura and charisma of the wearer.

It’s evident that whether it’s airport fashion or everyday fashion, Gong Hyo Jin prefers basic items that prioritize comfort. Loose pants, flare-legged pants, and cropped tops help the actress effectively shape her figure while creating an elegant and sophisticated image. Furthermore, she pays great attention to accessories, especially sunglasses, which serve to elevate her looks. 

Source: k14

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