IZ*ONE was eliminated from GDA nomination for 2 consecutive years despite the huge album sales

The fraudulent scandal caused IZ*ONE to be eliminated from the GDA nomination round

Recently, the 35th Golden Disc Awards (GDA) ceremony announced candidates for the awards.  There are 30 artists nominated in the category of Bonsang digital music, albums, and reputation (Popularity Awards).  However, IZ * ONE – the girl group selected from the survival show Produce 48 – was not nominated in any category.

IZ * ONE was eliminated from GDA

IZ * ONE has outstanding record sales achievements in 2020. For the album BLOOM * IZ released in February, 12 girls have sold more than 450,000 copies.  This album is also valid for Bonsang album nomination.  However, IZ * ONE was still directly eliminated from the nomination round of the 35th GDA Awards.

IZ * ONE was eliminated from GDA

However, this is not the first time that GDA has not nominated IZ * ONE.  At the 34th award ceremony in January 2020, they were also eliminated.  This is said to be the result of the fraud scandal at Produce 48. Some contestants have been swapped with group members through voting manipulation, so IZ * ONE has a reputation as a cheating group. 

Recently, the identities of some of the contestants who should have appeared in the IZ * ONE lineup have been revealed.  Therefore, this girl group received heavy criticism from the public.  The audience said that they do not deserve awards and achievements when the group was created through cheating.  Therefore, Korean netizens were extremely happy when GDA eliminated IZ * ONE from the list of nominations for 2 consecutive years despite their great achievements.  The public praised this award ceremony for being transparent and fair.

IZ * ONE was eliminated from GDA

Knet commented:

 – As expected.

 – Well, justice still exists.

 – This is the only prestigious award ceremony.

 – GDA is the most reliable award ceremony.

– There is no reason to criticize GDA.  To be honest, I find this very normal.

 – Good job.

 – GDA seems to be the fairest award ceremony.

 – Well, award ceremonies need more standards.

The GDA awards ceremony was dubbed the “Grammy of Korea” because of its reputation and transparency, so it received the trust of the Korean public.  The 35th ceremony will be held online on January 9 and 10, 2021.  Digital achievements are honored on the first day, the second day will be an award ceremony for outstanding albums

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