“Goblin” cast after 5 years: Kim Go Eun’s drama gets low ratings, Gong Yoo’s series debuts to mixed reviews

4 leading actors of “Goblin” all return to the small screen in 2021. 

5 years ago, Goblin, one of the most iconic Korean dramas, was released. With a perfect cast and unique storyline, Goblin became a massive hit. This year, all 4 leading cast members of Goblin returned to the small screen in different dramas. However, the 2021 series of these 4 actors unfortunately can’t achieve the same success as Goblin 5 years ago. 

Goblin cast
Goblin cast

1. Kim Go Eun

Earlier this year, Kim Go Eun had a comeback as the female lead in the webtoon-based rom-com Yumi’s Cells. Having an interesting combination of 3D animation and live action, but Yumi’s Cell only earned an average nationwide rating of around 2%, making it one of the lowest-rated tvN’s dramas of 2021.  

Goblin cast

2. Gong Yoo

After Goblin, Gong Yoo took a long break from the small screen. 2021 marks his first comeback after 5 years with a short but memorable cameo appearance in global hit Squid Game, followed by a leading role in sci-fi thriller drama The Silent Sea. Unfortunately, a few days after its release, The Silent Sea has been receiving mixed reviews and does not achieve as many positive results as other Netflix’s original Korean series this year.

Goblin cast

3. Lee Dong Wook

Better than Kim Go Eun, Lee Dong Wook‘s drama Bad And Crazy attracts quite a bit of attention because of its humorous and cool content.  It’s also a drama that shows us a very new version of Lee Dong Wook. Unfortunately, Bad And Czary does not seem to be a project that tvN pays too much attention to.  It is not heavily advertised.  Bad And Czary was a good work, but it didn’t really get attention, making Lee Dong Wook’s comeback also become a mess.

Goblin cast

4. Yoo In Na

While all the remaining 3 actors have their own main roles this year, Yoo In Na continues to have the next supporting female role. This time, she returns in the most marketable project of the year – Snowdrop.  With an interesting supporting role, Yoo In Na would have gotten more attention if the drama hadn’t been in controversy and was ostracized by Koreans. Besides, the reputation of the female lead – Jisoo (BLACKPINK) – is so great that Yoo In Na has not received much attention. 

Goblin cast


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