“Yumi’s Cells” starring Kim Go Eun is ending this week but still records low ratings, will it improve in season 2?

Kim Go Eun’s ongoing drama “Yumi’s Cells” is airing the season’s finale tonight but so far, the series has not been able to achieve decent ratings. 

On October 29, the second last episode of “Yumi’s Cells” was broadcast and continued to record poor ratings when it only earned an average nationwide rating of 2%. Although the previous strong rival of “Yumi’s Cells”, “The Veil” already left the weekend drama competition last week, Kim Go Eun‘s latest rom-com is still not doing so well.

Yumi's Cells

It is worth mentioning that tonight’s episode is not the official ending of “Yumi’s Cells” because according to the original plan, the drama still has an upcoming sequel. Based on the webtoon, in season 2, the male lead is no longer Ahn Bo Hyun’s character. This is also shown through the latest developments of the drama as Kim Go Eun’s character Yumi decides to take a break from her relationship with boyfriend Gu Woong (Ahh Bo Hyun). With season 1 getting low ratings and media coverage, will season 2 of “Yumi’s Cells” have a better performance or will it be a “flopped” TV project of Kim Go Eun

Yumi's Cells

Meanwhile, on the same day, the hit comedy starring Honey Lee and Lee Sang Yoon achieved its highest viewership ratings yet. According to Nielsen Korea, the latest episode of “One The Woman” earned an average nationwide rating of 16.0%, setting a new personal record and continuing the 11-episode streak to become the most watched miniseries of the week.

Yumi's Cells

“One The Woman” also hit a new record rating in the primary demographic of viewers ages 20 to 49, with an average rating of 6.5% for the night of October 29.


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