Go Kyung Pyo’s K-drama female co-stars: From Park Min Young to Seohyun

Before Park Min Young in “Love in Contract”, here are Go Kyung Pyo’s on-screen girlfriends. 

Go Kyung Pyo always delivers great chemistry when paired up with beautiful actresses. Let’s take a look to see who have been his K-drama female co-stars so far.  

Park Min Young

Go Kyung Pyo and Park Min Young are currently appearing together in “Love in Contract”. Acting alongside one another for the first time, the two are receiving much love from viewers for their face combination and believable chemistry. 

In “Love in Contract”, Park Min Young plays Choi Sang Eun, a contract marriage master whose job is to be the “fake wives” of various single clients. One of whom is Jung Ji Ho, a handsome, rich but eccentric and mysterious guy. 

Park Min Young once admitted to having undergone plastic surgery when past photos of her surfaced. Despite not being a natural beauty, Park Min Young’s gorgeous post-surgery visuals, natural acting, and nice personality make her one of the most sought-after K-drama actresses. 

Park Min Young has led various successful dramas throughout her career. A few outstanding examples are “Sungkyunkwan Scandal”, “City Hunter”, and “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim?”. 


Starting out as a member of the “nation’s girl group” Girls’ Generation, Seohyun turned to acting when her idol career was already at its peak. Despite facing prejudices against idol actors, Seohyun has gradually charmed viewers with her decent acting and beautiful visuals every time she appears on the screen. 

Seohyun and Go Kyung Pyo were cast as a couple in “Private Lives”. Although this drama was not a commercial hit, the sizzling chemistry both on and off camera between Go Kyung Pyo and Seohyun made many viewers “sail the ship” for the two. 

Besides “Private Lives”, Seohyun also earned good reviews for her roles in “Good thief, Bad thief”, “Love and Leashes”, and “Jinxed At First”. She particularly impressed when playing a supporting character with a heartbreaking fate, princess Woo Hee, in the historical drama “Moon Lovers”. 

Chae Soo Bin

The next name on the list is Chae Soo Bin, the beauty who starred with Go Kyung Pyo in “Strongest deliveryman”. The drama follows the career and love path of Choi Kang Soo, who rose from a shipper to the CEO of a company specializing in delivery apps.

Chae Soo Bin has starred in some famous dramas such as “Love in the moonlight”, “The rebel” or “Where star land”.

In addition, “I’m not robot” that she co-starred with Yoo Seung Ho is not too famous in Korea, but is known by many international audiences.

Ryu Hye Young

Ryu Hye Young is the person with the least experience among the 4 “screen lovers” of Go Kyung Pyo. However, she is the one who collaborates with him in the work of both of their lives – Reply 1988. In “Reply 1988“, Ryu Hye Young plays Sung Bo Ra, a fierce but warm-hearted girl. 

Thanks to the explosive success of “Memories of 1988”, Ryu Hye Young was loved by the public. Unfortunately, so far, the actress born in 1991 has not really achieved the expected success.

Source: K14

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