Mnet’s new survival show – Girls’ Planet 999; continue to receive criticism for giving too many fake reactions from the judges

The viewers were annoyed by the overreacted expressions of the contestants and the judges during the performances of Girls Planet 999

One of the spotlights of the previous week to KPOP fans was the first episode of Mnet’s survival show (Girls’ Planet 999). Along with many great performances, audiences complained that Mnet put in too many reaction scenes, some of which looked really fake. Netizens said that some performances were normal, but they didn’t understand why the judges overreacted like that.

Mnet Girls Planet 999 956203. 1
Mnet Girls Planet 999 956203. 2
Mnet Girls Planet 999 956203. 3

Some comments from the netizens:

– The reactions were too much. The judges are professional artists. The performances didn’t give much impression to the point that they looked so surprised like that… Their reactions were so fake.

– They inserted the reaction scene every 5 minutes. I was so annoyed to the point that I didn’t want to continue watching. I want to watch the performances, not their reactions.

– I only hear “Oh!” from the judges during the performances

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