Girl group Nature’s new song has such a bizarre choreography that it’s getting controversial: “They’ll be hit with reality while dancing”

The choreographer of Nature’s new song “RICA RICA” confused netizens.  

On Jan 27th, girl group Nature performed their first performance of “RICA RICA” on Mnet’s M!Countdown. This is the title song of their special album released on Jan 24th. Nature appeared on the stage in a red costume. The song started with a strong beat rhythm, followed by a bizarre choreography.

The members jumped in place with their legs together. They also shook their legs as if doing a crab leg dance before kicking one foot into the air. It was like a sharp, synchronized group dance with their feet. This choreography was repeated again in the middle of the song. 


Earlier, in the documentary “Nature Can’t Fail Like This”, Nature themselves said they were shocked to see the choreography. At the time, So-hee said, “At first, I thought it was a dance that humans couldn’t do.” This dance is the point dance of their new song. It was a choreography based on the African Cote d’Ivoire’s Zaouli dance. 


Netizens were stunned by the shocking performance. Netizens are reacting with comments such as, “They’ll also feel embarrassed while dancing,” “Oh no, even I’m embarrassed just by seeing this,” and “I was surprised because the dance was so bizarre.” On the other hand, there were also opinions from netizens such as “The song is addictive and the dance is fun,” “I think it would be good for a diet dance,” and “It’s funny that they dance with such a peaceful expression.”

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