“The Witch 2”, starring Kim Da-mi, Lee Jong-suk, and Park Eun-bin, confirmed to be released on June 15th

The sequel to “The Witch”, a mega-hit movie released in 2018, will be premiered in June.

On May 3rd, film distributor NEW unveiled the movie launching poster and global poster for “The Witch 2” along with the confirmation of its release date, which is June 15th.

The Witch: Part 2. The Other One” (directed by Park Hoon-jung) is an action movie centering around a girl who came out of the world after surviving secret lab destruction and the forces chasing her gathered for different purposes.

the witch 2

The launching poster drew attention as it shows a girl wearing a bloodstained laboratory suit and showing her strong presence in the form of a laboratory object with tubes connected to her body.  

In particular, Shin Si-ah, who was cast for the lead role through a competition with an intense winning rate of 1:1408, has been revealed as the actress who will play the new witch, following Kim Da-mi of Season 1, raising high expectations.

Above all, the line “The Beginning of Everything” on the poster hints at the origin of “The Witch Universe” and stimulates the curiosity of viewers who have been waiting for “The Witch” series. The global poster released at the same time shows an unidentified group of people with gas masks appearing in front of the girl, making fans question who they are and what their purpose in chasing the girl is.

the witch 2

Director Park Hoon-jung, who has established himself as a master of this movie genre in the Korean film industry through “New World”, “The Witch” and “Night in Paradise”, teamed up with the original production team of “The Witch” to showcase a wider and more intense worldview as well as original actions in “The Witch 2” based on the unique setting and background of the previous season.

In addition to Shin Si-ah, Park Eun-bin, Seo Eun-soo, Jin Goo, Sung Yu-bin, Cho Min-soo, Lee Jong-suk and Kim Da-mi will appear in this work. They will greet the audience on June 15th.

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