Gi-hun’s revenge and a compilation of possible theories for Squid Game season 2

With the increasing popularity of Squid Game, many viewers are wondering if Netflix will produce a Season 2 of the series. 

Squid Game tells a story about a deadly battle to survive in which 456 people try to win a tempting prize of 45.6 billion won ($39 million) in different rounds of children’s games. Is the brutality of this competition addictive enough for the viewers and is it possible that Netflix will give the green light for another season? If you love this genre, remember to check out the 9 episodes of Squid Game on Netflix.


Although there is still no official announcement on whether or not there would be a second season coming out, with Netflix’s growing presence and investment in Korea, the chances are high, especially based on the context of the narrative told in Season 1. Here are some of the possible theories for Squid Game Season 2.

Squid Game 2: International Version

In episode 7, “V.I.P.s”, we learn that the game we are watching is not only held in Korea. One of the men who came to watch the competition live says that the battle in Korea is the best one this year, implying that these survival battles are taking place all over the world. If Netflix wants to produce another season of Squid Game, it would be interesting if viewers could see Squid Game set in another country. A cool example would be Japan – a country famous for deadly survival games. A crossover with Alice In Borderland would be even more brilliant. Battles in Thailand or the Philippines would be interesting too. 


Season 1 is a Korean production and its storytelling is based on Korea’s culture. It would also be fascinating if the creators of the series could allow critique of modern capitalism to be applied to another country and culture to tell Squid Game’s narrative in a new but cohesive way. 

Squid Game 2: Historical Stages


Viewers learn from Hwang Joon-ho’s investigation of Squid Game that the game has been going on for decades, going back to at least 1988. If there is a Season 2, it might be interesting to watch Squid Game not in another country, but in the past. If the fundamental objective of Squid Game is to criticize the system in which we all live, what would that be like at an earlier point in our history? And how could Oh Il-nam, revealed to be one of the masterminds behind the game, come up with a game like this?


Squid Game 2: Future

What would happen if the battle in Squid Game took place in space? Or it doesn’t have to be in space, but the writers can choose not to travel to the past but to the future. What will the abhorrent abuse of wealth and power look like decades or centuries from now, on another planet? The possibilities for the story are endless!


However, of all the theories listed, this one is probably the least interesting. Because what makes Squid Game stand out from other productions of the same genre is how it focuses on the reality of life, right in the moment we live in. So a distant and unfamiliar perspective is likely to turn the series into a “flop”.

Squid Game 2: Continuation of Gi-hun’s story

If we get to see another installment of Squid Game, it could of course continue the story where Season 1 left off, with Gi-hun deciding not to get on a plane to Los Angeles to see his daughter, but instead returning to take revenge on the people who created Squid Game. While the first season deals with mostly unfinished endings, Season 2 can be a good chance to explain them. But if Gi-hun continues to participate, it is difficult to imagine what he can do and how he would “seek revenge” because now he is no longer a desperate player but a billionaire.


In short, Squid Game will likely get the green light for Season 2 or a spin-off and prequel. Netflix is ​​known for canceling their series, but good series that receive a lot of attention like Squid Game often get renewed. 


Source: Dienanh

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