3 huge plot holes in Squid Game: The “boss” is easily defeated, the cop character makes no sense

It’s difficult to “turn a blind eye” to the plot holes in the Korean TV blockbuster Squid Game.

The recently released Korean TV blockbuster Squid Game has attracted great attention around the world. The series has topped Netflix’s trending in many countries, with a huge amount of interaction on social media platforms.  Squid Game is praised for its concept, acting and how the drama goes deep into the characters’ psychological development, reflecting the reality of Korean society.  However, Squid Game’s storyline still consists of several issues, sparking controversy among viewers.

Whether Squid Game is good or bad, the following points are undeniably the inconsistencies in the narrative of the drama that viewers find ridiculous.

Squid Game

1. Despite Mass murder, Squid Game organization is not denounced even though the players get to return home?

After the first game, Squid Game players can vote to continue or stop. The result is a majority of players vote to stop, and everyone is released (except those who are dead). However, among these players, it seems that only Gi Hun (Lee Jung Jae) is willing to go to the police station to report.

Squid Game

It is even revealed that the Squid Game organization has hosted many seasons before, which means the number of participants (and deaths) in this game is extremely large.  If so, why has no one ever reported it, or why is no one suspicious when 456 people are missing at the same time? This detail gives the impression that the scriptwriter is too easy on the evil organization Squid Game!

2. The tug of war could kill the “boss”, isn’t it a too adventurous move?

The viewers only knew about the true “boss” of Squid Game when they watched till the last episode, and it turned out he is the old man numbered 001. He participated in this survival game just because he liked it, and there was no other specific reason. But is it true that he bet his life on this survival game just for fun?

Squid Game

This detail was depicted in the game that they played tug of war. In this game, the team of Gi Hun and the old man had to face a group of muscular men. Thanks to the plan suggested by the old man, Gi Hun’s team was able to dominate the first half of the match. However, later on, they were still beaten by their opponents.

It was not until Sang Woo (Park Hae Soo) thought of a new plan was the whole team able to overturn the match and win. At this point, many viewers were curious that what if Sang Woo didn’t think of the new plan and Gi Hun’s team lost the game. Therefore, the whole team, including the old man, would be thrown into the deep abyss and die in there.

Or maybe the old man would be saved, but this would reveal his identity, and the Squid Game organization would lose its seriousness in creating this survival game. In short, it was not a good move to have the boss in the game.

3. The policeman’s phone must be a miracle. It stays many days without dying!

The most absurd episode of ‘Squid Game’ is the fact that policeman Jun Ho (Wi Ha Joon) infiltrates the enemy’s lair too easily, with only a phone with 50% battery in his hand. For many days inside the ‘Squid Game’ lair, he performed many tasks such as taking photos, recording videos, writing notes without a charging cord. However, somehow, the guy’s phone is still in a “healthy” state after many days.

Even on an island that has been declared “no signal”, police officer Jun Ho’s phone still picks up the signal very well, can make phone calls, and send files. It’s so absurd!

Squid Game is now available on Netflix.

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