G-Dragon celebrates his birthday and BIGBANG’s 17th anniversary

Following his birthday party, G-Dragon also celebrated BIGBANG’s 17th anniversary. 

On August 18th, G-Dragon published a photo on his Instagram, showing a gift box he received from luxury brand Chanel, which he is currently an ambassador for. 

In addition, the BIGBANG member uploaded a series of selfies where he playfully balanced a birthday cake on his head and made various fun expressions, delighting fans worldwide. 


In the photos, G-Dragon also wore sunglasses in the shape of sunflowers and expressed his gratitude to friends and fans, saying, “Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday ♥.”

Meanwhile, G-Dragon is currently known to be deeply involved in his music work, as he had hinted at a solo comeback within this year. 

Later on in May, there were rumors about G-Dragon’s departure from his agency, YG Entertainment, as his name was missing from the artist lineup in YG’s Q1 2023 report. 


At the time, speculations about the expiration of his exclusive contract with YG and his departure from BIGBANG arose. While G-Dragon’s real name, Kwon Ji Yong, was listed until the latter half of the previous year, it disappeared from the list after a few months, leading to conjectures that he might have left YG. 

In response to this, however, YG told Star News that while their exclusive contract with G-Dragon has expired, further contracts will be made for the male idol’s future music activities, and they will pull their full effort. Now, they are collaborating on other activities such as advertisements through separate agreements. 


On the other hand, August 19th, one day after G-Dragon’s birthday, marks the anniversary of BIGBANG’s debut. 

To celebrate BIGBANG’s 17th anniversary, G-Dragon posted a photo of a “Bang Bong” (BIGBANG’s official light stick) on his personal SNS on the morning of the 19th. Furthermore, he shared a series of album cover photos of BIGBANG, with captions like “BIGBANG 17TH ANNIVERSARY” and “VIP” (fandom of BIGBANG), exciting fans.


On the same day, BIGBANG member Taeyang also celebrated BIGBANG’s 17th debut anniversary through his current agency, THE BLACK LABEL. Daesung also conveyed his gratitude, saying, “Today is Daesung’s debut anniversary. Congratulations on Daesung’s 17th debut anniversary! I’m truly thankful to all the fans who have always been with me!”

Finally, T.O.P is set to appear in Netflix’s original series “Squid Game” Season 2, and his character is speculated to be a retired idol. 

Previously in 2019, T.O.P claimed on Instagram that he has no intention of returning to the entertainment industry. In May 2023, he revealed that he has already left BIGBANG and has been facing a new life chapter since the year prior. 

Source: Nate

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