Actor Lee Je Hoon denies marriage rumors with female cast member of “Heart Signal 3” , threatens to take legal actions

Lee Je Hoon strongly denied recent rumors that he’s marrying a female participant on Channel A’s reality show “Heart Signal” season 3. 

On May 19th, Lee Je Hoon’s agency COMPANY ON issued an official statement regarding circulating false information about the actor’s personal life. According to the company, rumors about Lee Je Hoon’s marriage are completely baseless and not true. 


“We plan to take strong and strict legal action against those who damage the reputation of actor Lee Je Hoon by spreading false information and making malicious slanders”, stated COMPANY ON. 

Previously, netizens on some Korean online forums were spreading gossip that Lee Je Hoon and a female cast member of “Heart Signal 3”, were preparing for marriage. 

Lee Je Hoon’s agency threatens legal actions against baseless rumors. 

One netizen even commented that the two had visited their wedding hall and made a reservation for the wedding. 

It seemed that Lee Je Hoon’s sided decided to quickly shut down all absurd rumors before they even gained traction, 


As of the moment, Lee Je Hoon is preparing for his upcoming movie “Escape”, where he will star alongside actor Goo Kyo Hwan. The film will revolve around the North Korean soldier Kyu Nam, played by Lee Je Hoon, who dreams of starting a new life in South Korea. However, his life soon becomes a cat-and-mouse chase, as an officer from the security department is hot on his tails. 

COMPANY ON shut down all rumors before they started to spread. 
Lee Je Hoon will return in the upcoming movie “Escape”. 

Source: insight

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