From “the actor I’m closest to” to “my husband”… So Yi-hyun released photos of her dates (?) with In Gyo-jin 10 years ago

Actress So Yi-hyun took a trip down memory lane with her husband In Gyo-jin. The love between the two, who have been married for 9 years this year, makes our hearts flutter.

So Yi-hyun posted several past photos on her Instagram on May 2nd.

She wrote, “I opened… Cyworld. Wow. Look at then and now. It’s amazing. The good old days.”


The photos were taken from the first-generation SNS Cyworld Mini Homepage. They showed So Yi-hyun from 2004 to 2010.

Her fresh and youthful face surprised everyone.


In addition, there were photos taken together with her husband In Gyo-jin when they were just senior and junior, drawing attention.

The two made a V sign with their fingers towards the camera as well as made a playful pose with their bodies close together. In particular, So Yi-hyun uploaded a picture of In Gyo-jin on her mini homepage in 2004 and expressed her extraordinary affection, “Oppa, oppa, oppa, oppa, oppa, oppa, oppa, oppa, oppa, oppa~~ The actor I’m closest to… Oppa.”


Netizens showed reactions such as “You married the actor you’re closest to”, “Pretty”, “You’re still the same” and “You’re so fresh.”

In Gyo-jin was born in 1980 and So Yi-hyun was born in 1984, a 4-year gap that is supposed to be compatible. After a long time being senior and junior, they developed into lovers and tied the knot.


The story behind their marriage was also revealed through SBS’ entertainment program “Same Bed, Different Dreams – You Are My Destiny”.

When So Yi-hyun joined the agency at the age of 18, the two first met as agency members who ate together. They debuted around the same time and became close while working on two works together.


The anecdote that the two who played counterparts in the drama ignored the director’s “cut” sound during the kiss scene and continued to act was mentioned several times through shows.


After 10 years of friendship, the two developed into lovers in 2012, and got married 2 years later in October 2014. They have two daughters.

In February, the couple opened a YouTube channel called “So Yi-hyun In Gyo-jin OFFICIAL”.

In Gyo-jin is currently appearing in KBS2’s Wednesday-Thursday drama “Love All Play”.


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