From Suzy to Han So Hee, 6 celebrities whose drawing skills are as good as professionals

Celebrities like Suzy, Han So Hee, and Go Yoon Jung are drawing attention for their outstanding artistic skills. 

From trending actresses like Han So Hee, Go Yoon Jung, Roh Yoon Seo, Suzy, to singers like Seulgi and Yura, netizens have compiled a list of celebrities whose drawing skills are as good as professionals.

1. Suzy

Suzy, who debuted as a member of girl group Miss A in 2010, pursued an acting career alongside her idol activities. Starting with the 2011 KBS drama “Dream High”, Suzy later solidified her position as an actress through roles in “Architecture 101”, “Uncontrollably Fond”, “While You Were Sleeping”, and so on.


Recently, Suzy won “Best Actress” at the 2nd Blue Dragon Series Awards and the Director’s Cut Awards for her outstanding portrayal in the Coupang Play original drama “Anna”.

Currently, she is gearing up for her upcoming appearance in the Netflix drama “Doona!”.

2. Han So Hee

Han So Hee, who graduated from Ulsan Arts High School and majored in Fine Arts at Ewha Womans University, appeared in the MV for SHINee’s “Tell Me What To Do” in 2016. 

han so hee

In 2020, the actress achieved her big breakthrough through the hit drama “The World of the Married”, and has since starred in various works, such as “My Name”, “Nevertheless”, and “Soundtrack #1”.

Currently, Han So Hee is preparing for the release of the 2023 Netflix drama “Gyeongseong Creature”, where she stars alongside actor Park Seo Joon. 

3. Go Yoon Jung

Go Yoon Jung graduated from Seoul School of Performing Arts and majored in Modern Art at Seoul Women’s University. She made her official acting debut through the 2019 tvN drama “He Is Psychometric”. 

Go Yoon-jung

Following that, the actress continues to make appearances in projects such as Netflix’s “The School Nurse Files” and “Sweet Home”, JTBC’s “Law School”, and the movie “Hunt”. She also  received praise for her performance in the tvN drama “Alchemy of Souls”.

Currently, Go Yoon Jung is playing the role of Jang Hee Soo in the Disney+ original drama “Moving”. 

4. Roh Yoon Seo

Roh Yoon Seo, who graduated from Sunhwa Arts High School’s Fine Arts department and majored in Western Painting at Ewha Womans University, debuted in 2020 through the omnibus series “Our Blues”, where she played the role of Bang Young Joo, a top-ranked high school student who becomes pregnant. She also gained recognition for her role in the Netflix film “20th Century Girl”, where she portrayed Kim Yeon Doo, a close friend of female lead Bo Ra (played by Kim Yoo Jung).

Roh Yoon Seo

Later on in the tvN drama “Crash Course in Romance” Roh Yoon Seo portrayed Nam Hae Yi, a character who is envied by other kids in the class due to her exceptional grades despite not attending any cram school. This role helped solidify her status as a trending actress.

Currently, Roh Yoon Seo is preparing for her next project, a remake of the Taiwanese film “Hear Me”, where she will play the lead role.

5. Seulgi

Seulgi, a member of girl group Red Velvet, is also known for her artistic skills. Since debuting in 2014, Seulgi has been the main dancer and lead vocalist of the group. Seulgi’s exceptional drawing skills have been a topic of discussion among fans. 


Utilizing these skills, the female idol celebrated her 29th birthday by releasing a book which features posters of 10 paintings she personally created.

6. Yura

Yura, who debuted in 2010 as a member of girl group Girl’s Day and later transitioned to an acting career, is another celebrity with exceptional artistic talents. Yura graduated from Ulsan Arts High School, and has gained attention for her drawing skills early in her career.


After expiration of the members’ exclusive contracts, leading to a hiatus of Girl’s Day’s full group activities, Yura shifted her focus to acting. While pursuing her acting career, she has actively participated in various activities, including holding solo exhibitions under her own name.

Source: Wikitree

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