From NewJeans’ Minji to NMIXX’s Sullyoon, idols who graduated from Hanlim Arts High School today 

Celebrities born in 2004 ended their three-year high school life.

On the morning of February 10th, the grade 12 graduation ceremony was held at Hanlim Arts High School in Jangji-dong, Songpa-gu, Seoul.


NewJeans’ Minji, NMIXX’s Sullyoon and Bae, GHOST9’s Lee Jin Woo, MCND’s Win, Weeekly’s Jihan, LIMELIGHT’s Suhye, ATBO’s Jung Seunghwan, DKB’s Harry Jun, “Boys Planet” trainees Lee Da Eun and Keum Jun Hyun, and more idols, attended as graduates.

Standing in front of the reporters with DKB, Harry Jun said, “It’s already been 3 years. I can’t believe I’m graduating. I could have made more memories, but it’s a pity that I couldn’t. It feels bittersweet.”

lee jin woo
ji sung

Lee Jin Woo also attended the ceremony with GHOST9 members and said, “It’s sad and I can’t believe that I’m graduating after 3 years. This is not the end, but a new beginning. I’ll move forward.” 

Holding a diploma and a bouquet of flowers, Jung Seunghwan said, “I feel upset and empty about having to graduate, but I had many precious memories from attending Hanlim Arts High School. I want to do bungee jumping as an adult.”

seol yoon bae

Sullyoon and Bae also received their diplomas and smiled brightly. Sullyoon said, “I can’t believe that I graduated from school. I’m grateful that I ended my high school life well. My plan is to meet NSWER more.” Bae said, “Please take good care of me in my 20s in the future. After graduating, the things I want to do are go to PC rooms and karaoke rooms.”

Jihan said, “It felt like graduating from high school was far away. It’s an honor to graduate from the beloved Hanlim Art High School, and at the same time, it’s also sad. I’ll try to show you a better performance as Weeekly’s Jihan. Thank you for congratulating me.”

Lee Da Eun, who is appearing on “Boys Planet”, said, “I learned and grew a lot during my 3 years at Hanlim Arts High School. I will work harder and come back to you through ‘Boys Planet’.” 


Minji said, “I entered Hanlim Arts High School three years ago. I feel very excited and regretful that I have already graduated. I am happy to make good memories with my friends and teachers.”  What I want to do as an adult is to get a driver’s license.”

The Achievement Award was given to Minji, Sullyoon, Bae, Jung Seunghwan, Jihan, Lee Jin Woo, Harry Jun, Win, Soohye, BAE173’s Dohyon, Bit, and ENHYPEN’s Yang Jungwon.

Source: daum

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