The female versions of top actors: From Cha Eun Woo to Song Joong Ki

These actors leave netizens speechless with their shocking beauty as their female versions. 

Cha Eun Woo, Park Seo Joon, BTS V, and Song Joong Ki are top male stars in the entertainment industry known for their handsome visuals. Recently, a discussion sparked about how those actors would look if they turned female. 

A series of photoshopped photos took over social media when top male actors and idols were turned into their female versions. Netizens are speechless at how the male stars’ female versions are so stunning. According to netizens, Song Joong Ki and BTS V’s female versions are the most stunning.

park seo joon
When transformed into his female version, Park Seo Joon boasts sharpness, confidence, and attractiveness 
cha eun woo
Cha Eun Woo’s female version shows off a cute and sweet image. Many netizens say his version resembles ITZY Yuna 
bts v
BTS V is also stunning as his female version, boasting immaculate, slender features. Netizens feel V’s female version looks a lot like BLACKPINK Lisa 
park bo gum
Park Bo Gum’s female version is classy and elegant 
lee dong wook
Lee Dong Wook’s female version boasts a doll-like perfection, with dreamy eyes and a sweet beauty
jung hae in
Jung Hae In leaves a strong impression as a “girl next door” with a sweet smile that captures the hearts of fans 
song kang
Song Kang turns into a chic woman who boasts great control and authority 
song joong ki
Song Joong Ki’s female version is bright and lovely. She flaunts slender features and an exceptionally bright smile. Netizens find this version of Song Joong Ki to resemble Han Ga In in many ways 

Source: KB 

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