From BTS Jung Kook to aespa Winter, 6 well-known Introverted idols of K-pop 

These 6 idols are known for their introverted personality traits. 

Contrary to their upbeat, full-of-energy appearance on stage, a lot of idols in real life are introverted, reserved, and surprisingly shy.

BTS Jung Kook 


When BTS Jung Kook was a trainee, the idol was more reserved and less talkative than he is now. A personality test result reveals the idol to be an INFP. Nonetheless, Jung Kook tries his best to communicate with fans and incorporate daily, mundane activities in the process, such as napping or exercising. 

aespa Winter 


aespa Winter revealed she wanted to be an idol when she was young but struggled to say it out loud. Because of her timid nature, Winter found herself in many sticky situations. The idol recalled when she was young, she was so shy that she did not press the stop button on a bus and waited for someone to press it and get off the bus with them. Currently, Winter still has those traits. The idol shared she could not go shopping without her headphones. Whenever an employee approaches to assist, she will leave. 

Girls’ Generation Taeyeon 


Taeyeon reveals she prefers staying at home to going outside. Nonetheless, as a famous star, she becomes more talkative and confident when talking to fans and performing on stage. 


mina twice

Among the TWICE members, Mina is more of a quiet type; she usually reserves the spotlight for other extroverted members during program appearances. The idol shared that her family and friends were shocked when she told them she would become an idol. Nonetheless, the TWICE member is very friendly to other people and interacts with them in her way.



D.O. is a reserved member of EXO. He rarely talks first or moves around to interact with other people. The idol also acknowledged the fact that he was a shy and quiet person. Nonetheless, D.O. is a talented idol and actor. He manages to connect with fans with talent and talent only. 

Red Velvet Irene 


Red Velvet Irene confessed she liked staying at home for a long time and rarely talks to strangers. It usually takes her a long time to befriend someone. However, after many years of working as an idol, the idol has opened up herself and become more proactive in talking to new people. 

Source: dienanh  

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