Former NCT Member Lucas Shows Support for NCT U’s New Song “Baggy Jeans”

Former NCT’s Lucas expresses support for his former bandmates, even after his departure from the group.

Despite having left NCT, Lucas recently showed support for NCT U’s latest release “Baggy Jeans”, telling fans, “Baggy Jeans looks so cool. Please give a lot of support! ㅋㅋ 👍”

Meanwhile, earlier in May of this year, SM Entertainment announced Lucas’s departure from NCT and WayV.

lucas baggy jeans

In 2021, Lucas faced controversies over his private life due to allegations made by his supposed ex-girlfriend. She claimed Lucas had gaslighted her during their relationship and continued mistreating her after the breakup. Another person claiming to be Lucas’s girlfriend, posted that Lucas exploited fans’ love.

Lucas later apologized for his actions and decided to pause his activities for reflection. He eventually withdrew from NCT and WayV.

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