Foreign fans who gave V a star in the sky as a birthday present

To celebrate BTS’ V’s birthday, overseas fans prepared a special gift.

Recently, V’s fans from England and Vietnam gifted him the stars of the universe. On December 30, they bought one of the stars in the constellation Aries for him who is an Aries.

The stars were named Taehyung (Shining Taehyung) and December Sunshine respectively. Also, the official owner’s name was Kim Tae-hyung.

In fact, V does not have ownership of that star. However, if V has the naming rights, another person will not be able to register that star with a different name without V’s permission in the future.

Especially, Vietnamese fans remember what V said during his recent World Tour concert. V moved his fans when he said, “You (ARMY) is like the brightest star in my universe.”

Vietnamese fans say, “Taehyung ah, if we can’t pick a star for you, I’ll make your name shine in that vast sky. For us, you are the most brilliant and beautiful person in the world. So I hope you’ll always be happy and shiny like this.”

Meanwhile, overseas fans who celebrate V’s birthday are not only from England and Vietnam. In Toronto, Canada and Paris, France, V’s birthday ad was placed on the electronic boards of the biggest shopping malls. It is the first Korean entertainer to do so.

Source: Dispatch

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