For the first time since his debut, Jo In-sung has made “this decision” after 25 years

Actor Cho In-sung opened his official Instagram account. 

Jo In-sung

In particular, this attracts attention as it is Jo In-sung’s first SNS account since his debut.

Jo In-sung opened an official Instagram account under the ID “zoinsung_official” on March 3rd. As the first post, he posted a photo from tvN’s entertainment show “Boss By Chance 2.”

The photo shows Jo In-sung looking through every inch of the mart, including the fruits, meat, and stationery section. His actual boss pose is impressive.

According to his agency IOK Company, the account was created so that Jo In-sung can actively communicate with his Korean and foreign fans and share a variety of his activities and personal daily lives as an actor. 

Jo In-sung

At the same time, Jo In-sung is expected to actively promote the currently airing “Boss By Chance 2” as he appears in the program.

Meanwhile, Jo In-sung debuted as a clothing model in 1998, and this year is his 25th as an actor.

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