FIFTY FIFTY’s Keena Asks ‘Unanswered Questions’ To Discard Her Interview Scripted By Ahn Sung-il

FIFTY FIFTY’s Keena sent a proof of content to “Unanswered Questions” but received no answer

According to an exclusive report by Munhwa Ilbo, the production team of “Unanswered Questions” contacted FIFTY FIFTY members again after its broadcast on August 19th. 

The program is reportedly preparing for a sequel directed by PD Cho, who was in charge of the previous broadcast about FIFTY FIFTY. In fact, “Unanswered Questions” already conducted interviews with all four members. It is a predictable step since “Unanswered Questions” highlighted the members’ complaints of suffering in their handwritten letters at the end of the August 19th broadcast.

However, the situation changed significantly as the court rejected FIFTY FIFTY members’ application for an exclusive contract suspension injunction and Keena returned to Attrakt. Realizing that the members’ claims were wrong, Keena sent proof of content to “Unanswered Questions” asking them to not cover the content of her interview before she returned to her agency. However, “Unanswered Questions” has not responded yet.

In this regard, Munhwa Ilbo tried to contact “Unanswered Questions” PD Cho and CP Han to confirm the facts on November 1st but couldn’t reach the two. 

In the process, Munhwa Ilbo obtained the transcript of the phone call between Producer Ahn Sung-il and Keena’s father. The call took place on August 30th, 11 days after “Unanswered Questions” aired the FIFTY FIFTY episode on August 19th.

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During the call, Producer Ahn asked Keena’s father about what Keena would say in the interview with “Unanswered Questions” and suggested the FIFTY FIFTY member use a script, saying “It depends on your decision. We can help with how to solve the conversation and what wording points she should be careful about. We can organize it (the script) with comments for her”. Ahn expressed his willingness to review the expected questions and provide legal advice on potential issues that may arise during the members’ interviews with “Unanswered Questions”.

Munhwa Ilbo also attempted to call Producer Ahn and listen to his position but he neither answered the call nor replied to text messages.

Source: Daum

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