The primary school teacher told a story about Lisa’s childhood, asserting: “Lisa is an inspiration to many young people in Thailand”

Looking back on Lisa's journey since she was in Thailand, many people would agree with the Thai teacher: "Lisa is an inspiration to many young people in Thailand".

Perhaps many people know that Lisa (BLACKPINK) auditioned for YG Entertainment when she was 13 years old. Therefore, her carefree childhood was relatively short and she had to soon make room for the days of facing the pressure of trainee life. Many people still wonder how Lisa’s childhood affects her personality, especially with her attachment to her homeland Thailand.

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Lisa once left Thailand very early to start a trainee life and debuted with BLACKPINK

On the occasion of Lisa’s solo debut with the hugely successful album LALISA, Ms. Ratchadaporn Ruengrit – one of the former teachers who is very close to Lisa, shared about her memorable childhood in an interview with VICE. Ruengrit revealed that she first met Lisa when she was in elementary school and accompanied Lisa until she left her hometown for Korea in 2011.

Like many children, Ruengrit says that Lisa’s childhood days were playful, generous, and cheerful. However, Lisa has also become a bit more mature. According to her former teacher, Lisa was “always determined and responsible” since she was a child.

Lisa was very cheerful when she was young but still has more maturity than her peers

Ratchadaporn Ruengrit also recounted that Lisa enjoyed participating in various activities. “Whenever there’s a performance or a competition, she’s going to take it all in.” This is something that many hardcore fans may already know about Lisa because she is famous for being close friends with Bambam (GOT7), having “fight” together on all fronts of choreography in her hometown.

When she was about 11 years old, Lisa also participated in an art competition as a representative of her school, and “snatched” the runner-up prize.

The Thai teacher continued to reveal that Lisa has always been as sweet as she is now: “She likes to help people, just like teachers do.” And even then, teachers like Ruengrit can see that Lisa has the qualities to become a shining star with a friendly personality.

Lisa is also very kind

Because she always follows Lisa and is impressed by her personality and enthusiasm, as soon as Lisa wanted to ask Ms. Ruengrit’s opinion on whether to come to Korea to become an idol, Ruengrit immediately said yes. Despite leaving her hometown, Lisa has never forgotten where she came from. Ruengrit said that Lisa even visited her alma mater from time to time during her trainee days.

Ratchadaporn Ruengrit is still confident that Lisa will always keep her roots in her heart: “She will not forget Thailand. If given the opportunity, she will always find ways to bond with her family and childhood friends.”.

She also firmly affirmed: “Lisa is an inspiration to many young people in Thailand”.

Lisa is an inspiration to many young people in Thailand

Perhaps because of her love for her homeland, in her special solo debut on September 10, the youngest BLACKPINK skillfully incorporated Thai cultural elements into the LALISA MV. From the costumes to the accessories, all are imbued with Thai culture, and this makes many fans in Lisa’s hometown give her love.

Lisa wears Thai national costume in LALISA MV

At the end of the interview, Ms. Ratchadaporn Ruengrit sent a message to her “favorite” student: “I wish I could tell her that the determination and perseverance she has had since she was a child has really paid off. I wish that she continued finding success doing what she loves.”

All Lisa’s efforts have paid off

It can be seen that, although her childhood passed quickly, with her sweet and talented personality and enthusiasm, Lisa always left in the hearts of her loved ones in her homeland the pride and endless support. same big. Perhaps that is why, not only in Korea, BLACKPINK always receives precious love from Thai fans and international fans.

Lisa is always the pride of Thailand
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