Female stars who impress netizens with their outfits with back exposure

More and more female stars are showing off their backs in bold dresses with eye-catching designs on official events and red carpets. Each of them appeared in front of the public with different kinds of back exposure. While some draw admiration with their firm and healthy-looking backs, others give off alluring charms that are opposite to their innocent appearances.

Entertainer Kim Na Young

Fashion and dating are both hot topics related to “mom of two” Kim Na Young. Last year, she attended the launch event of Valentino Beauty at a pop-up store in Hannam-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul.

As a representative fashionista in the entertainment industry, Kim Na Young stole the spotlight with her admirable height and body proportions as soon as she showed up. The female entertainer looked stylish with her purple mini dress and bold red lip makeup.

Kim Na Young showed her daring side when turning around. She confidently exposed her entire back, from her shoulders to her waist, in a backless dress. Her smooth back line and the cute tattoo on her arm caught the eyes of netizens.

Singer Sunmi

Sunmi, who has established herself as a leading solo singer with her unique and captivating style, is also arousing keen attention in the fashion industry. Last year, she attended the 17th Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign Charity Event at the Four Seasons Hotel in Seoul. 

Standing in front of many reporters on that day, Sunmi decided on an all-black styling. She naturally exposed her shoulders and back by wearing a black off-shoulder dress. The female singer added silver accessories to emphasize her elegant yet sophisticated look. She slightly covered her back with her wavy perm hairstyle, displaying a restrained beauty.

Singer Hyuna

“Unconventional” and “shocking” are words that follow Hyuna wherever she goes. In January of last year, Hyuna caused a stir with her provocative outfit at Christian Louboutin photocall event.

Unlike her neat and formal front look, Hyuna completely exposed her back. Standing in front of the photo wall, Hyuna wowed netizens by confidently showcasing her glamorous back. With bold and provocative poses, the female singer exuded the aura of a top star. Revealing tattoos on various parts of her upper body, Hyuna overwhelmed everyone at the scene.

Actress Jeon So Nee

Actress Jeon So Nee appeared at the ‘SS23 A New Dawn Collection’ event held at the Ferragamo Cheongdam flagship store on the 16th of this month. That day, the actress showed up in a seductive red high-neck dress. She had her hair tied up neatly and exuded a calm and sophisticated charm.

However, the twist was her back side. When Jeon So Nee turned around, the back of the dress was completely open, revealing her slender body figure.

Singer-turned-actress Hyeri

Hyeri, who turned to acting after completing her activities with the girl group Girl’s Day, made an appearance on the red carpet at the 1st Blue Dragon TV Series Awards held at Paradise City in Incheon last July.

The female actress boasted a more mature atmosphere with her long black dress and long hair. Her unrealistic beauty impressed the audience at the award ceremony. In addition, Hyeri maximized her feminine beauty by exposing her elegant back.

Comedian Park Na Rae

As a comedian, Park Na Rae pulled off a similar backless dress in her own way, showcasing her fashion sense and professional entertainment skills at the same time. 

Last year, Park Na Rae drew attention on the red carpet at the MBC Entertainment Awards. The comedian shocked everyone with not only her entirely exposed back, but also her balaclava styling. 

As expected, the reporters were all focused on her. Park Na Rae turned around and proudly displayed her back muscles. She even made people laugh by making a unique pose with the help of male celebrities.

Source: Wikitree

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