BLACKPINK to come back in June? Better not to trust YG, said fans. 

After over a year full of solo projects, recent news are finally teasing the comeback of BLACKPINK. However, fans of the group remain vigilant. 

Recently, Korea has dropped all social distancing measures and embraced the “new normal” after 2 years of battling COVID-19. As a result, the music industry is being revived with the return of numerous big Kpop artists. And perhaps, BLACKPINK’s comeback as a group is the most highly-anticipated, especially after their long break. 

Korean media recently teased that BLACKPINK is coming back this June. 

According to an exclusive report from Sports Donga, BLACKPINK will release a new studio album this June. This will be their first return as a group after “The Album”, which was released in October 2020. However, fans of YG Entertainment’s artists are not too trusting. They are too used to receiving comeback news only for months to pass with nothing, and only an official teaser would convince them otherwise. 

BLACKPINK’s next release is predicted to be a powerful track that fits their “black” concept. 

Still, it seems that BLACKPINK members are dropping hints as well. Jennie has said multiple times on her YouTube channel as well as on the show “The Game Caterers 2” that the group is preparing for their new product. The oldest member, Jisoo, also expressed that she was excited to show fans the new song as soon as possible. They also hinted that it will be a “cool” comeback, so fans can expect a “black” concept this time around. 


BLACKPINK’s comeback will be a great gift for fans who have been waiting for such a long time to see the girls perform as one group. Internet users on the online community theqoo responded, “Finally?”, “Can I really believe this?”, “Jisoo has not yet made her solo debut since she is preparing for the group comeback?”, “Since Jennie also hinted at the comeback, I will believe the news this time”, “I hope they will release a refreshing song because it’s summer”, “So they are really making a comeback this year”, etc.

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