Fans got mad because V was ignored during the concert as if BTS had only 6 members

Fans were irritated as the concert’s multi-camera functionality was so bad that V’s images were repeatedly missed on the screen.

On October 24 (local time), BTS held an online concert “Permission To Dance On Stage”. This is BTS’s first online concert in 2021, which is expected to bring eye-catching stages to the Army community. Similar to other online concerts, the show uses multi-cam, which allows fans to choose a close-up shot of their favorite member, with ticket prices ranging from $46.1 to $60.

However, during the event, fans kept leaving comments complaining about how awful the multi-view experience was. V, the member who was hurt before the event, had to sit in one spot for almost the concert time. The stage features six cameras with different angles, yet fans seldom see V’s image on the large screen.

Fans are annoyed because, with the same camera angles, V almost disappeared during the concert

In many moments, fans thought they were watching a concert of a group with only 6 members, V completely “disappeared”. The show is advertised as offering a multi-view experience, but most of the screens show the same. Fans were both mad at Big Hit and felt sorry for V because he was like an “invisible member”.

  • There are 6 cameras but can’t Big Hit give V a fixed personal camera? We want to see him!!
  • Spent $60 to buy a ticket for the HD 4K view with multi-cam, but in the end, it didn’t work.
  • The ticket price is so expensive, the experience should have been better, Big Hit is really terrible
  • I don’t think I bought such an expensive ticket just to see Taehyung 10-15 seconds per song.

After the show, V seemed to understand the fans’ feelings. He comforted fans on Weverse, ” “I’ll be back in a cooler way. You must have bought expensive tickets, but I’m sorry I couldn’t show you enough.”

The Army also continuously left positive comments to encourage the male idol and hope that he will get well soon to complete 4 offline concerts in the US next month.

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The keyword “You did well Taehyung” entered the top trending Twitter after the concert
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