5 times fans were shocked when sensitive images of Kpop idols with the opposite sex were leaked

These incidents have seriously affected those idols’ image in the eyes of KPOP fans.

1. Mina (TWICE) – Bambam (GOT7)

One of the serious scandals in TWICE’s career was that intimate photos between Mina and Bambam (GOT7) were revealed.  The photo of the two idols lying next to each other was leaked on Instagram in March 2017 and immediately became a hot topic.

The case was more serious when JYP Entertainment confirmed that the photo was real.  However, the representative said that the two were not dating as rumored.  This scandal has caused both of these foreign idols to receive a lot of criticism.

2. Chen (EXO) – his ex-girlfriend

In September 2016, a series of Chen (EXO) photos with his ex-girlfriend were posted on social networks.  In the photo, the main vocalist of EXO hugged his girlfriend so intimately that netizens were sure they were a couple.  It is known that this series of photos were released by a mutual friend of the couple.

At the time these photos were leaked, Chen and his girlfriend had previously broken up.  Neither the male idol nor the management company SM Entertainment spoke out about this incident.

3. Yuvin – Sohee

In 2019, the former MYTEEN member Yuvin and Sohee, a former member of I.B.I, shocked fans about their relationship.  A series of dating photos of the two were leaked by a sasaeng fan right around the time the male idol was about to debut with Kim Kooheon. 

It is known that Yuvin and Sohee were together during the most difficult times.  Because they were in the same company, the talented couple also had the opportunity to collaborate on music products, OSTs, etc.  At that time, the male idol had just become famous thanks to the “Produce X 101” effect. KPOP fans thought that this scandal would greatly affect his image.

4. Yulhee – Minhwan (FT.ISLAND)

The love story of Yulhee and Minhwan (FT.ISLAND) attracted attention when the former LABOUM member uploaded intimate photos with her boyfriend on her personal Facebook account.  After that, the representatives of the two confirmed their love relationship.

Yulhee announced her departure from the group not long after, ending her singing career to become a wife and mother.  Currently, the two have been married for 3 years and are living happily with their lovely children.

5. IU – Eunhyuk (Super Junior)

It would be too kind to use the word “accident” to talk about what happened between IU and Eunhyuk in 2012. This disastrous photo was taken at IU’s private home, during a time when the male idol visited her.  The photo destroyed the beautiful image of the two artists in the public eye.  According to the singer, she accidentally chose the wrong photo to post.

While IU continued her glorious music career, Eunhyuk was engulfed in criticism.  The male idol suffered from severe depression and even thought of committing suicide to free himself.

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