This female singer was worried before getting married due to the huge age gap between her and her actor boyfriend

Baek Ji Young revealed her love story that caused her worry because of the age difference.  

On November 2nd, a video titled “Baek Ji Young’s Love Story” was uploaded on the YouTube channel “Baek Z Young”.

In the video, when asked about her first meeting with her husband Jeong Suk Won, an actor, Baek Ji Young said that her stylist introduced him to her because the stylist thought he was a good person while working with him. 

Baek Ji Young added that she actually researched everything about her husband on the Internet before they met, drawing laughter with her candid charm. She also confided that she was concerned about the fact that he is nine years younger than her. It was to the point that she told the stylist that he was “too young” for her.

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Despite the considerable age difference, she confessed that when she met Jeong Suk Won, he suited her type so much. In an interview before her marriage, Baek Ji Young once expressed affection for her husband, saying, “He is a man who has most of what I have identified as my ideal type.”

After their first meeting, they quickly confirmed their feelings for one another. The two continued to date for three years before tying the knot. 

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The more they spent time with each other, the more certain they were about their relationship. The two started dating in January 2011, overcame the 9-year age difference and got married on June 2, 2013, after 2 years and 6 months. The actor husband and singer wife, a couple with a 9-year age difference, attracted many people’s attention.

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Baek Ji Young’s husband Jeong Suk Won, gained popularity with his manly appearance and excellent abs. He acted in dramas such as ‘Iris 2’ and ‘Bad Guys: Vile City’. Currently, he is going on a hiatus after the movie ‘Race to Freedom: Um Bok Dong’ released in 2019.

The two are living a happy married life after Baek Ji Young gave birth to their first daughter in May 2017, four years after marriage. She is drawing a lot of envy by posting about her happy family on Instagram. 

baek ji young jung suk won

Regarding what has changed about her husband compared to before marriage, she revealed, “After getting married, he talks too much.” Many netizens reacted to her honest confession, such as “I can’t imagine Jeong Suk Won talking a lot”, “She must really love her husband”, and “They match well”.

Source: Daum

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