“Is this power abuse…?” Videos of ex-LOONA’s Chuu getting “angry” at fans in the past spread again 

The videos of Chuu taken by fans in relation to Chuu being removed from LOONA due to power abuse drew attention from netizens.

On December 1st, posts titled “Videos showing Chuu’s personality” were uploaded on Korean social media such as Facebook.  


In a video, when a fan gave Chuu a gift, Chuu greeted the fan by saying, “I told you not to buy presents. I’m okay. This is such hard work. Thank you.”

When another fan handed her an envelope containing sweets, Chuu said, “No, you don’t have to give anything to me, don’t spend money,” as she looked apologetic towards the fans.


Netizens who watched the videos left comments, “Is this what you call power abuse?”, “I became a fan after watching this”, “Protect Chuu”, and “She looks cute when she is angry.”


Previously, Block Berry Creative drew attention by announcing that they had removed Chuu from LOONA, claiming that she was abusing her power and using violent language towards the staff.

Later, on November 28th, Chuu said, “I am grateful for your concern and comfort. I have not been contacted or know a series of situations, so I am trying to figure it out. What’s clear is that I’ve never done anything to embarrass my fans.”

Source: Wikitree

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