GOT7 explained why they decided to all leave JYP

In a recent interview, GOT7 shared the disadvantages of staying in JYP Entertainment. 

GOT7, who recently came back with the album “GOT7”, expressed that initially, all members wanted to renew their contract with JYP. In an interview with GQ Australia, the group admitted that they did feel an attachment towards the agency which they debuted and achieved many successes under, but changed their minds due to several reasons. Still, they praised JYP, and the leader Jay B, who pursued creative freedom, even said: “JYP is not a controlling agency. GOT7 has a lot of break times, where we can do whatever and have free spaces for ourselves”. 

Instead, he said that their departure had to do with GOT7 and JYP having different creative perspectives. “JYP’s renewal terms were actually quite attractive, but there were stark differences between what we want to pursue and what JYP wants us to do. We also hold contrasting opinions regarding solo activities. I understand their perspective as a large company, however, I want to contribute more to the group and play a bigger role in my releases. I am not that desperate for popularity, rather, I just want to be myself”, Jay B said. 

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Young Jae also agreed with his groupmate and expressed that leaving JYP will help each GOT7 member shine in their own ways with their different solo activities, something that they can’t achieve as JYP artists, saying: “Everyone of us will be the protagonist of our own lifes, and write our own stories.” 

The Chinese member Jackson added: “If we renew our contract, we will fall under JYP’s management. Even if they respect our decisions and vice versa, we still have to be influenced by many others like the marketing department, the Artist & Recruitment department, our CEO Park Jin Young, before we can decide anything. It’s always a lengthy procedure with many people offering their own sides in the discussion.”


However, GOT7 is not firmly against their old company, and Jay B even praised: “In my opinion, an artist shouldn’t just follow their own perspective, and should listen to their company too. It all boils down to finding a mutual point, and that’s not something terrible. It’s still better than having an agency that does absolutely nothing. Freedom is good, but there should still be structure and discipline.” Jackson nodded along to Jay B’s statement. However, he also explained that GOT7 wasn’t able to show their colors in full via releases under JYP.  

GOT7 has started writing their own lyrics and producing most of their own songs since 2016, with the release of their 5th mini album “Flight Log: Departure”. Still, despite such a long period of time, even after they left the company, the group wasn’t able to showcase true GOT7 music due to time constraints. Due to colliding solo schedules, it was hard to get everyone together and prepare everything in a short 3 months. 


The members also shared that they had to record their new songs, film the MV, and rehearse for the 2022 HOMECOMING FANCON, while juggling various other promotions in this extremely rushed period. As a result, they weren’t able to express their creativity fully, and their newly released album dedicated to fans, is only the beginning of the new GOT7. 

In the end, all members concluded that while JYP was a good agency, GOT7 needed more room for growth and better creative liberties. It was still a happy ending despite all members going to separate companies, since they now have absolute rights over the brand “GOT7”, as well as the songs released under this name. 

From now, fans and the public can expect a better GOT7 who are more true to themselves, both in terms of group projects and solo activities. 

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