Fans Express Disappointment Regarding Album Cover For BTS Jungkook’s New Digital Single

Fans of popular idol group BTS’s Jungkook are expressing their disappointment regarding the album cover for his upcoming digital single “3D”

Fans have been vocal about their dissatisfaction with the album cover for Jungkook’s digital single “3D”, which is scheduled to be released on Sep 29th.

The revealed album cover features a blue-toned background with the song title “3D” written on it, along with a simple design that includes Jungkook and Jack Harlow’s names.


However, Jungkook’s fans find the album cover overly simple and lacking in creativity, using basic fonts, which they believe makes it look somewhat uninspiring. Additionally, some fans point out that part of the title “3D” is obscured, making it inappropriate for promotional purposes. They also feel that the album’s concept and intended message are not effectively conveyed, leaving them disappointed.

Recently, many artists releasing music have been capturing attention with their faces or flashy graphics. In comparison, Jungkook’s album cover appears relatively simplistic.

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Nevertheless, some fans expressed positive opinions, stating that they like its simplicity, emphasizing the importance of music over album cover, and even suggesting that it may stand out amid extravagant album covers.

Jungkook’s 2nd solo single “3D”, which is scheduled to be released on Sep 29th, creatively explores feelings towards an unreachable person through the concept of first, second and third-dimensional perspectives. This R&B pop song features rapper Jack Harlow, generating high expectations among global fans.

Source: Nate

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