Idols slayed dancing with blindfolds: fans can’t help but laugh at BTS’ cuteness

Completing the perfect dance moves itself was difficult, so when these idols are blindfolded, how will they dance?

To have a perfect stage with powerful dance moves, idols have to work hard every day. So when blindfolded, can they do the choreography well or not?


The “global group” BTS has always brought the best performances, but when blindfolded, all the image seems to have broken. Especially V, who is a very strong dancer on the stage but when he’s unable to see, he is disoriented and just stands still, which make fans can not help but laugh because of his adorable and cute actions.

Idols slayed dancing with blindfolds: fans can't help but laugh at BTS' cuteness

Although he tried his best, V just seemed to stand still
BTS danced to “Not Today” blindfolded


GFriend is a group that is able to dance very well and beautifully. However, many viewers were amazed that the girls were still able to dance smoothly from the beginning to the end of the song even blindfolded. The members even adjusted their positions to make the formation as perfect as possible.

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The case of GOT7 is very unique as Jackson lost direction and disappeared from the frame. Although all 7 members of GOT7 participated in this challenge, it seems that only … GOT6 were on television and that is what made the audience laugh nonstop. The members were in constant collide with each other, causing the stage to become extremely chaotic.

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Jackson dissapeared from the screen
GOT7 danced “Never Ever” while being blindfolded (Cr: to the owner)


Many people are afraid that there would be some touching moments between the guys and the girls. But no, K.A.R.D members did it very well even though there were sometimes awkward moments. The strong dance that made the audience admire and highly praise this co-ed group.

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Red Velvet

Wendy, Seulgi, and Irene from Red Velvet tried to dance along “Russian Roulette” while being blindfolded. At the beginning of the song, all three seemed to do very well until a collision occurred between Irene and Wendy. Irene even forgot the song because she couldn’t hear the music.

Red Velvet blindfoldedly dancing along “Russian Roulette”

Source: Kenh14

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