Fans Defend aespa’s Karina as Plastic Surgery Allegations Surface Again

A netizen accused aespa Karina of plastic surgery and fans have jumped to her defense 

A recent post on the online community scrutinizing aespa Karina’s face has been gaining attention. The post reads, “Karina’s face shows she underwent plastic surgery, especially when you see it in videos, it becomes even more obvious. She’s had double eyelid surgery and a nose job, of course, but looking at her face shape compared to when she was a back dancer, you can tell she’s had some facial contouring done too. She’s definitely beautiful after the plastic surgery, but it’s just non-sense to say she only had her eyes done. Even compared to her debut days, her face has changed.”

The poster continued, “Fans may want to insist that it’s just a difference in eyebrows and contact lenses, but even without lenses, her natural face looks different.

Original post : Pann Nate

Under this post, netizens left comments: 

  • Anyone can see that she only had double eyelid surgery, so why are you claiming she had nose surgery? It’s ridiculous. 
  • Karina hasn’t had any plastic surgery other than double eyelid surgery, and she already had all the features in her face that plastic surgery couldn’t achieve, such as her face shape, the line next to her nose, facial features, etc. She’s already a beauty with just double eyelids. Her nose looks the same as before, so why are you claiming she had nose surgery? 
  • Stop blindly accusing her of a nose job without evidence just because you want to insist that she had plastic surgery. If you look closely, her nose bridge looks the same as before without contouring. 
  • People like you analyze the faces of popular female idols and try to attribute everything to plastic surgery. You claim that there’s no such thing as natural beauty, it’s just funny
  • Sorry, but apart from the double eyelid surgery, everything is natural. Bring some evidence if you’re going to claim Karina had a nose job.
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