Famous K-drama actor who was born rich but works his way up with his talent from supporting roles 

This actor is loved for his good acting, handsome looks and nice personality.

Coming from a rich family background but not depending on parents

Jung Hae In is known to be born into a rich family. His parents are running a hospital. His father is also a medical university professor in Korea.


Jung Hae In is reportedly the 6th generation descendant of historical figure Jung Yak Yong, who was dubbed “the most handsome man in Joseon”. Jung Yak Yong was a philosopher, scholar, poet and an assistant of King Jeong Jo, the 22nd king of the Joseon Dynasty. This perhaps explains why Jung Hae In has such outstanding skills and handsome appearance.

His family background is also the reason why Jung Hae In debuted quite late. He had to finish his studies. He graduated from the Department of Broadcasting and Entertainment at Pyeongtaek University and then enlisted in the army at his parents’ wishes before pursuing his passion for acting. His family’s expectations are also what makes Jung Hae In always strive to maintain a clean image, not letting personal life affect work. He is also known to be an extremely humble and friendly person in real life.

Gaining popularity from supporting roles

Jung Hae In

Entering the industry late, when he was 27 years old, Jung Hae In has been working his way up slowly but firmly, rising to the top with his own talent and not relying on his family.  He started off with supporting roles and worked hard to make viewers remember him. Dramas such as “The Three Musketeers”, “Bride of the Century”, “Goblin”, “Reply 1988”, … and especially “When You Were Sleeping” made Jung Hae In receive much love for his minor and supporting roles. After landing his first lead role in “Something in the Rain” with Son Ye Jin, Jung Hae In’s career was taken to the next level. 

Despite having perfectly handsome visuals, a sunshine smile, and a perfect charm for romantic dramas, Jung Hae In does not stick to one genre. He once transformed into a soldier who was unjustly imprisoned, always separating himself from the world with his taciturn appearance in “Prison Playbook”, a North Korean spy who is cold on the inside and warm on the outside in “Snowdrop”, and a young man whose life is turned upside down when he suddenly has to take on the task of catching military deserters in “D.P”. Each role of Jung Hae In has a different color and he never fails to impress. 

Source: K14

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