“Family Mate” WINNER Kim Jin-woo: “I neglected my family a lot”

WINNER Kim Jin-woo expresses his guilty feelings towards his family.

In the 4th episode of MBC’s entertainment program “Family Mate” that airs on Jan 25th, a touching day between Kim Jin-woo and his younger sister Kim Jin-hee will be depicted. On this day, Kim Jin-woo and Kim Jin-hee go camping alone for the first time in their lives. The two spend time together peacefully by doing a mukbang (eating show) and taking selfies.

WINNER Kim Jin-woo
WINNER Kim Jin-woo

Meanwhile, Kim Jin-hee talks about her brother’s sad moments. Referring to when Kim Jin-woo entered the training center, Kim Jin-hee makes Kim Jin-woo bewildered as she asks “Oppa, do you know that?” Afterwards, Kim Jin-woo carefully reveals his inner feelings that he has not mentioned before in an interview with the production team.

WINNER Kim Jin-woo

In particular, Kim Jin-woo’s eyes are reddened as he shares “I neglected my family a lot”, touching the MCs who are watching him through VCR.

WINNER Kim Jin-woo


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