“Family” drops still cuts of Jang Hyuk, from missing eyebrows to walking around the neighborhood in panty

Hilarious still cuts of actor Jang Hyuk in his upcoming K-drama “Family” have been released, drawing attention.

On March 21st, tvN’s new Mon-Tue drama “Family” (written by Jung Yoo Seon/ directed by Jang Jung Do and Lee Jung Mook) unveiled the very first still cuts of actor Jang Hyuk.


“Family” is a thrilling comedy about a sweet yet fierce wife who dreams of a perfect family and her husband, a NIS agent who disguises himself as an ordinary office worker. This is the fourth collaboration between Jang Hyuk and Jang Na Ra.

In the drama, Jang Hyuk plays the role of Kwon Do Hoon, the husband who ranks the lowest in his family. However, outside of the home, he works as a “one shot one kill” black agent for the National Intelligence Service (NIS) and disguises himself as a deputy director of a trading company.

In the first released still cut, Kwon Do Hoon (Jang Hyuk) catches the audience’s eyes with his Mona Lisa-like eyebrows. He also draws attention for his shocking visual without eyebrows and a strange facial expression as if his soul has flown away.

Jang Hyuk

In addition, Kwon Do Hoon shocks drama fans as he is seen going around the neighborhood with only underwear on. He carries his daughter Kwon Min Seo (Shin Soo Ah) while boldly showing his underwear fashion. He even shows a smile full of happiness and satisfaction, ignoring the stares of those around him.

In another image, Kwon Do Hoon, who wears a sleeveless shirt and leggings, draws admiration by practicing couples’ yoga with his wife Kang Yoo Ra (Jang Na Ra). When his cold-hearted charisma as a black agent disappears, his love for his wife shows. Kwon Do Hoon puts all his effort into making her happy to the point that his ears turn red.

The production team of “Family” said, “Jang Hyuk returns to comedy acting after a long time, so he is burning all his passion to portray his role without hesitation. He is boldly challenging himself, from the Mona Lisa eyebrows makeup to body exposure, to maximize the charm of his character Kwon Do Hoon.” They added, “You will be able to see Jang Hyuk’s exceptional acting when portraying a character who is in a state of breakdown. Please look forward to ‘Family’.”

Meanwhile, “Family” will premiere at 8:50 p.m. on April 17th.

Source: Nate

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