Han Ye Seul finally updated her current situation after a long hiatus, abroad with her boyfriend?

Actress Han Ye Seul drew attention by sharing her recent status after 2 months of no news. 

On August 5th, actress Han Ye Seul posted several romantic photos with her 10 years younger boyfriend on her Instagram. 

In particular, the actress’ photos, which boast a daily life full of love, were captioned “Lovers”, drawing relief and joy from fans, who haven’t heard any news about her for a long time. 

The photos were apparently taken in Berlin, Germany. In those, Han Ye Seul opted for a simple charm and wore no makeup, instead of her usual seductive image and cat-like makeup style. 

Dressed in a black slip-on dress and leaving her face bare, Han Ye Seul drew attention with her slender body. She seemed happier than ever, looking at the camera comfortably with the peaceful lake landscape in the background.

In another photo, she was cladded in a black bikini while smiling softly at the camera.

Previously, Han Ye Seul directly revealed her boyfriend, who she had been dating since May 2021, through her personal YouTube channel. Her boyfriend, Ryu Seong Jae was known as an actor and public figure, and gained a lot of attention for his handsome looks. 

However, there were rumors spreading around that he worked at a host bar, a fact which Han Ye Seul acknowledged and claimed as unimportant. Since April 2022, she has been traveling in the US and other locations, showing her unchanging and heart-fluttering romantic relationship. 

Source: wikitree

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