EXO’s leader finally revealed the reason why the group had delayed their comeback schedule

The reason has made fans somewhat less impatient after days of waiting for the return of EXO.

At “Korea Sale Festa” event on the evening of September 27th, EXO had appeared as special guests, performed several songs, and interacted with fans. The special thing was that Suho had shared about the reason why their group’s comeback plan was repeatedly delayed.

Specifically, Suho said, “I know that everyone has been waiting for our come back for a long time and indeed the comeback plans have been delayed longer than expected. Some fans were even worried that we are not going to make a comeback, but right now, we are trying our best to be able to deliver a great product to everyone. Even though there is not much time left until the end of the year, let’s have fun with EXO-L!

Even though the comeback date of the top boy group hasn’t been released, what Suho said has reassured fans. Let’s look forward to EXO’s comeback!

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