EXO Chanyeol officially enlists in the army

Today, March 29, Korean media reported that EXO Chanyeol began performing his military service. He will be serving as an active-duty soldier after completing the basic military training.

Previously, his management agency – SM Entertainment said, “The location and time of his enlistment are not disclosed, and there are no separate events.”

Among the members of EXO, Chanyeol was the fifth to fulfill his military service duty after Xiumin, D.O., Suho, and Chen.


Last October, Chanyeol was caught up in a scandal related to the male idol’s private life.  After 4 months, he directly posted an apology through his Instagram, saying, “I wanted to apologize to EXO-L for causing you concern as you’ve waited for me for a long time.”

EXO Chanyeol officially enlists in the army

At the same time, at the press premiere of ‘The Box’, Chanyeol said, “Before enlistment, I’m honoured to work and show such a great project. I’m prepared to stay healthy and return without getting hurt. I will come back safe.” he said.

EXO Chanyeol officially enlists in the army

Source: Naver

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