EXID Hani “I weigh myself every day… I gained 2kg after yesterday’s shooting”

Girl group EXID delivered today’s TMI.

On Naver NOW’s EXID 10th Anniversary Birthday Party Live-WE ARE EXID“, which aired on August 13th, LE, Jeonghwa, Hani, Solji and Hyelin had a meeting to commemorate their 10th debut anniversary.

At the same time, the members decided to reveal today’s TMI. First of all, LE said, “Jeonghwa slept at my house yesterday. We woke up then ate Yangpyeong Hangover Soup. We had a delicious meal today.”

Hani confessed, “I weigh myself every day. When I measured it this morning, I found that I gained 2kg because I ate a lot while filming yesterday.” When the members asked “How much did you eat?”, Hani laughingly replied, “It seems that I ate too much.”

Hyelin made everyone burst into laughter as she revealed her real TMI, “I enjoy eating Chili Tuna Kimbap in Cheongdam-dong, but it was especially spicy today.”

Source: nate

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