“Everybody, stop playing around”, IU ended up filming a video to “argue” with fans 

To decide the mascot for her official fanclub UAENA 6th, IU uploaded a video featuring the candidates and showed blatant favoritism. 

On February 16th, a video titled “Dayuk’ vs ‘Yukji bulgasari’ | Please vote for your character!” was uploaded on IU’s official YouTube channel. The video shows IU playing 2 characters, who support 2 different mascots for IU’s 6th generation fanclub.


First, IU appeared as Lee Ji Dong, an associate character, and said, “This is Lee Ji Dong, who got promoted to assistant manager at EDAM Entertainment starting the New Year. The official nickname for UAENA 6th, now is the time to decide. I am the assistant manager leading as the head of this project for recruiting IU’s fanclub UAENA 6th. Therefore, to close it once and for all, I am here to support candidate ‘Dayuk’.” (Dayuk means “cactus” in Korean). 


Next, IU appeared as herself and showed great support for another character, “Yukji bulgasari” (Land Starfish). “This is IU, representing the ‘Yuk bul’ team,” she said, adding, “I was on a hectic schedule and they suddenly made a fuss about doing this so I just came here in a hurry. I came here in the middle of a huge, impressive shoot. Making all the impossible possible. This is IU, on Yukji bulgasari’ team.”


It is also explained that “land starfish” were originally only in the sea, but they came out on land wearing shoes, running to IU wherever she is, and so is IU’s pick. 

The two characters then argued as they described each mascot, “Dayuk” and “Yukji bulgasari”, in detail, trying to convince the audience to follow their pick. In the end, IU said, “Alright, we won’t be able to finish it today if we continue this way. We won’t be able to recruit 6th generation. We said everything we have to say. It’s time for you to make a choice so we

can finish up.”


Finally, she announced a vote, where UAENA (fans of IU) can express how they feel, and select the mascot they prefer. 

However, when the fans leaned more towards “Dayuk” instead of IU’s favorite “Yukji bulgasari”, the female idol posted on her Instagram story the caption, “Everyone, stop playing around and let’s vote properly now.” 


It is known that IU previously posted two mascot characters on her fan cafe before recruiting the 6th generation of her official fan club and asked fans, “Which character do you like?”

In response, fans asked, “What does starfish have to do with 6?”, to which IU directly replied, “Land starfish. It is an imaginary animal that I thought of after getting inspired by a land tortoise. It’s wearing shoes too.”

Source: wikitree

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