G-Dragon boasts shiny visuals with new short haircut, smiling the widest smile 

On June 18th, G-Dragon shared a photo on Instagram story 

g-dragon instagram
G-Dragon updates his current status via Instagram story

In the black and white photo, G-Dragon is wearing a shirt and smiling happily. It seems that after dyeing and cutting off his hair, the male idol is looking even more spectacular. 

G-Dragon boasts shiny visuals

G-Dragon has been boasting a wide variety of hair styles, including a pink and long one. The new simple look is attracting attention and flaunting a completely different charm. 

Recently, G-Dragon has been attending various different fashion events, showing unique charms with his style and fashion. 

g-dragon instagram

His group, BIGBANG, released their new single “Still Life”, back in April, which attained many notable achievements. 

Source: dispatch

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