“I thought it was a very cute Jindo dog”, Lee Byung-hun’s comment about a Pomeranian at “Our Blues” filming set draws attention

Actor Lee Byung-hun drew laughter from fans because of his unbiased view on dogs.

The making video of “Our Blues” episode 18 was uploaded on tvN’s official Youtube channel on June 17th. The released video shows Kim Hye-ja, who played Ok-dong, and Lee Byung-hun, who played Dong-seok, doing a poster shoot. 

Kim Hye-ja arrived at the filming site first. While waiting for the shoot, Kim Hye-ja played with a cute little puppy. Appearing later, Lee Byung-hun also showed interest in the puppy.

As soon as he saw the puppy, Lee Byung-hun asked, “Wow, what breed is it?”. When the staff answered, “It’s a Pomeranian”, Lee Byung-hun looked really surprised. He exclaimed, “How can a Pomeranian look so much like a Jindo dog?

our blues

Flustered by Lee Byung-hun’s question, Kim Hye-ja seriously asked, “Does it really look like a Jindo dog? A Jindo dog looks like this?”. Lee Byung-hun drew laughter as he said, “I thought it was a very cute Jindo dog.

our blues

Lee Byung-hun’s answer attracted attention because the cute little puppy is indeed a Pomeranian and it doesn’t have any atmosphere of a dashing Jindo dog at all. Fans commented, “The way he couldn’t distinguish between dog breeds is so funny”, “It has nothing related to a Jindo dog except for the white fur. Amazing”, “Lee Byung-hun had been asking if the puppy was a Jindo dog since the previous video”, etc.

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According to responses from Internet users, It was not the first time Lee Byung-hun called that puppy a Jindo dog.

In a poster making video released earlier, Lee Byung-hun also looked at the dog and asked, “Is this a Jindo dog? So cute”, showing his interest. 

our blues

Meanwhile, “Our Blues”, starring Lee Byung-hun and Kim Hye-ja, wrapped up successfully by recording a rating of 14.6% in the last episode, which was aired on June 12th. 

Lee Byunghun’s comment about a Pomeranian

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