Lee Hyori made Rain flustered by revealing the real name of his rumored girlfriend in the past without hesitation 

Lee Hyori’s was unstoppable on “Season B Season.”

On May 19, on Rain’s YouTube channel “Season B Season”, a new video titled “Rain, Lee Hyori, and KCM’s rumors of rumors of rumors” was released. In this episode, Rain made a phone call and told KCM, “I called someone today,” and said, “You can just come up to the second floor, noona”. Lee Hyori then appeared, surprising KCM.

Lee Hyori

When Lee Hyori saw KCM, whom she was not familiar with, she asked, “Are you an oppa?” Rain then drew laughter by saying, “He’s one year younger than you.” As soon as Lee Hyori sat down, she asked, “Shall we have a beer and talk?”, and Rain immediately responded, “Yes, let’s do that” and rang the bell.

Lee Hyori

When Rain asked Lee Hyori, “How long has it been since you went to Seoul?”, she said, “I go every weekend these days,” and mentioned the filming of “Seoul Check-in”. Rain continued, “You look like a highschooler when you were performing as Fin.K.L because you’re wearing a bucket hat right now,” and Lee Hyori instantly did Fin.K.L’s choreography, making KCM excited. 

Lee Hyori recalled their past and said to Rain, “Weren’t you very popular like me 10 years ago?” and added, “A person’s fate changes every 10 years.” To this, Rain said, “Our time table is the same,” and Lee Hyori agreed, “Yes. So be prepared. I’m talking about popularity. It’s time for us to be popular again,” 

Lee Hyori

Rain praised Lee Hyori’s popularity by saying, “You were always shining”, with Lee Hyori agreeing. She said, “There are people whose popularity goes up and down, and there are people who stay above average. I am the latter.” 

Lee Hyori

Lee Hyori turned to KCM and asked, “When was KCM’s best era?”, he said, “For me it was always the downside.” Lee Hyori continued to ask, “What are you talking about? You have a hit song. What is KCM’s hit song?” KCM then sang his own hit songs as a medley, but Lee Hyori didn’t know a single song of his, so KCM was once again embarrassed.

While they were drinking, Rain asked Lee Hyori, “I have a question for you. When you met me while practicing, why didn’t you tell me to have a drink?” Lee Hyori confidently said, “Because I had a boyfriend at the time.”

Lee Hyori

KCM then mentioned the rumors surrounding Lee Hyori, saying, “You really had a lot. Those gossips.” Lee Hyori said, “All of those are just rumors.” To this, Rain said, “They also think my rumors are a fact, but it’s not me”. However, without hesitation, Lee Hyori immediately mentioned a real name in a dating rumor of Rain back in the day, making Rain flustered. KCM teased Rain when he saw his bewildered expression, “Why are you blushing?”.

Source: Nate

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